Niagarans are frustrated and worried about the future no matter where we live in the region.  


Our two tier system of government is broken and the Ontario government is going to change it whether we like it or not. One Niagara Now, believes the only way to build a prosperous community is to end the constant infighting amongst our 12 municipalities and have one level of government with one agenda representing all of Niagara.


The current system of government is broken. Residents watch as roads are torn up twice and Regional snowplows go down municipal streets with their plows up.  Businesses often have to get up to four approvals for a development. We’re not attracting new businesses, our kids can’t find jobs, our farmers are struggling and our social service agencies are trying to cope with increasing needs.


It’s time we stopped thinking of ourselves as lines on a map and use the strong voice of the 450,000 people!

We need to unleash Niagara’s potential

What’s holding Niagara back and how we can create a bold future.

We're Living in the Past

Our two-tier system is outdated and is holding us back from our full potential. Niagara's Region/municipal governance structure is 50 years old and is long due for an overhaul. If we could have resolved our challenges under the current governance model it would have happened by now.

Our Unfortunate Reality

Our population has hardly grown in 22 years, we have low houshold incomes, our young people leave the region, people are waiting up to 13 years for affordable housing, our shelters are full and the rental vacancy rate is just 0.5%.

Bureaucracy, Red Tape & Waste

Roads are torn up twice when construction work is done at regional/city intersections, Region snowplows lift their plows on city roads, developments need up to 4 approvals and pay double development charges.

Niagara Is More Than Lines On a Map

Our economy doesn’t stop at insignificant municipal, regional boundaries, why do our services? We should use the current federal/provincial ridings to create equal representation at the new one-tier council that is accountable to every one.


One Niagara will be a city ``open for business``. One government will attract stronger political leadership to drive the economy. We'll have increased transparency and accountability, decisions will be made faster and based on what's best for everyone.

Let's Be The 5th Largest City In Ontario

If we come together as one Niagara we will be the 5th largest city in Ontario and 11th largest city in Canada. How could any number other than ONE be considered more effective?

Niagara is a Community of Communities

As residents of Niagara we don’t live by the boundary lines on a map.

We live in Wainfleet and work in Welland. We live in Lincoln and go to school in St. Catharines. We live in Pelham and play in Niagara on the Lake. We live in Niagara Falls and celebrate in Port Colborne.


We are a not for profit Canada Association founded by community and civic leaders, business owners and academics committed to supporting real change in Niagara.


We have experience with the failings of our current governance model.


We are deeply concerned about our future generations.


We love this region and are passionate about Niagara and its potential.

Learn more about ONE NIAGARA NOW

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